I see you Mama

I see you Mama.

I see your deep desire to be the mother your children need. (You already are. No one is a better fit for your child than you). 

I see you struggle to hold on to your identity, your individuality, despite all-consuming motherhood.

I see what career means to you. 

I see the mental load you carry. 

I see you crack-up. 

I see you forgive yourself. 

I see your guilt. 

I see your fear of leaving your wee one(s) in childcare.

I see your inner turmoil as you navigate what’s best for your family.

I see the societal pressure on you.

I see the barriers you face because you’re a woman. 

I see your want for more time. 

I also see… 

Your feminine power.

Your potential.

Your abundance.

Your joy.

Your craving to connect with your inner-self;

And your soul sisters.

I see that you can thrive in your life. 

I see you because I am you. 

Hey Mama!

I’m Jen Murphy, award-winning blogger and wellness advocate for working mothers. I created Working Mother Wellness as a platform for mums to share our wellness experiences. Sign-up to build your own Working Mother Wellness toolkit. You will receive updates on Kundalini yoga and meditation practices, wellness tips, and info on upcoming workshops and programmes.