Two Breathing Techniques to transform your day

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Let’s play a game of ‘Have you ever?’…

  1. Have you ever thought you might combust in response to an email you received in work? Yes? No?
  2. Have you ever felt as if your child chewed up your patience like gum and was blowing bubbles with it in your face? Yes? No?
  3. Have you ever reached a slump in work where you’d need to consume an entire coffee plantation’s worth of caffeine to finish a task? Yes? No?
  4. Have you ever wanted to be fully present with someone but a cloud of exhausted brain fog prevented you from engaging? Yes? No? 

There’s no magic solution to any of the above. But there are two Kundalini breathing techniques that could genuinely shift your energy in these scenarios. And fast. Left Nostril Breathing and Right Nostril Breathing. Ever tried them? No? What? Prepare your nostrils and your mind for a treat. 


Close your eyes. This will literally take a few seconds. Breathe in and out through your nose. Can you tell which nostril you are mostly breathing through? Every 90 to 150 minutes your body switches your breath from one dominant nostril to another. Knowing how to work with and/or switch your dominant nostril can help you change your energy and how you feel in a given moment. 


What if I told you that in 3 minutes you could feel a sense of calm wash over your mind? That you could reconnect with yourself so you don’t send a knee-jerk response to that email from a colleague, or you can tune-in and find the middle ground with your child. Channelling your breath through your left nostril de-stresses your nervous system. It is calming, cooling and cleansing, and is associated with your feminine, moon energy. You can try this anytime, anywhere.


This is the ideal breath to use when you feel a slump come on. You need energy to achieve a task but your brain is struggling. It helps you feel alert, concentrate, draw on your willpower to persevere, and get ready for action. It is associated with masculine, sun energy. 


For most of us sitting crossed-legged in the middle of our workplace floor with our eyes closed and our thumb blocking our nostril is not exactly the norm so you could… break the norm and just do it, you trailblazer! If it isn’t feasible, you don’t have to sit in Easy Pose. You can use a chair – just make sure your chest is lifted and chin tucked to keep your spine straight. You could also go to a meeting room, a changing room or even a cubicle. Or take a break, go outside and find a place you’re comfortable in.

I was in a training course recently where my brain hit a 3PM outage and my head was literally 10 minutes away from lolling into my chest like a giant upright sleeping toddler. I was pregnant so alas, no plantation’s worth of caffeine for me. So, I rested my elbow on the table, covertly closed off my left nostril and began to breathe through my right. Looking real casual like… 😉  Even though the conditions weren’t ideal, it worked! I started to feel energy circulate around my system. 

Are you up for giving this a shot? Yes?! That’s the spirit! I’d love to hear how you get on so hit up the comment box… 

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