Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is like wellness on tap. Turn on the faucet for even 3 minutes a day and you can calm your nervous system and develop the skills to cope with modern life – with the pressure of being a working mother. In fact, Kundalini yoga is said to be 16 times more powerful than Hatha yoga. But, it’s not all about stress-relief. Kundalini is a yogic technology designed to activate energy channels in your body so you can live your full potential even while navigating the fog of daily life. Learn how to move your energy and you will move your life. A typical Kundalini practice is a mixture of:


Kundalini yoga is thousands of years old. And so, there are thousands of kriyas to achieve everything from creating self-love, withstanding the pressures of time, releasing childhood anger, for radiant skin, to conquer sleep, to coping with stress and sudden shock. It’s addictive because you see results fast. 


What’s most appealing about Kundalini is that it’s for everyone. Traditionally, it was a secretive yoga passed down through the elite but Yogi Bhajan brought it to the West in the 1960s with the intention of making it accessible to every household. So you don’t need to be a super elasticated human or the Dalai Lama (awesome if you are). Pressure’s off! You just need to be you


As you’ll read in My Journey, Kundalini yoga is transforming my life. It’s helped me bust through blocks, confronting challenging emotions in the process; face my resistance to change; nurture an inner-calm I’ve never known; become a less reactive parent; and experience highs as great as my wildest night out (that’s saying something!).

As with all new things, Kundalini can seem intimidating at first. You might enter a class where most folk are wearing white, heads adorned with turbans (to expand the aura), and ask yourself, “Eh where’s the Lululemon?” You don’t have to wear white, you can show-up dressed as Wonder Woman if you like. As long as you’re willing to participate with an open mind and an open heart – and experience the magic it brings. Remember: 

“You owe it to yourself to be yourself.”

Yogi Bhajan

Give Kundalini yoga and meditation a whirl with these simple practices.


Well Within

Excellent resource for teacher training and to connect with the Irish Kundalini yoga community.

Invincible Living by Guru Jagat 

Rama Yoga Institute 


Spirit Voyage 

Kundalini Research Institute (KRI)

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